Point In Time Data Sets

Advantage Point in time financial data sets have been built so that users can access historical financial statements including a date of when the financial statements were known. Non-point in time data sets do not include a date of when the information became

Alternative Data Sets Guide Better Quantitative Analysis

Alternative Data Alternative data sets are quite sought after in the quantitative investment management world. When everybody is using the same traditional metrics and means, competitive advantage lies in being able to outperform someone with a similar

Advanced Quantitative Investment Software For Wealth Managers

Financial technology is keeping up with the ever-changing pace of the modern economy. Standard investment strategies, betting on risk and opportunities are increasingly reliant on the fintech industry for their success.  Market and Portfolio Analysis In

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DATA: Interacting with, and analyzing it...

When the movie Minority Report  came out in 2002, I was working as a VP in the Quant group at Fidelity Investments. Among all the high-tech gadgets introduced in the movie, what stood out to me the most was ease in which Tom Cruise’s character