Transitioning to Quotient™

Jun 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Firms cannot grow without change. Likewise, personal career growth cannot be achieved without change.

Key questions to consider when planning to transition to Quotient™.

1) What are your existing data sources?

2) If Quotient™ has not pre-mapped your data source, does your un-pre-mapped data source need to be integrated into your other data sources that are pre-mapped into Quotient?

3) Do you manipulate the data into derived data or factors with your existing data sources?

4) Do you output factors from reports for use in another system, for example, portfolio construction by optimization?

5) Do you define your universes for your reports?

Key solutions from Quotient™.

1) Quotient™ has pre-mapped Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics data sources.

2) Simple structured un-mapped data sources can easily be mapped into Quotient™ using Quotient’s Data Mapper. SFS can assist with the data mapping effort for more complex un-mapped data sources if you would prefer.

3) For derived data or factors, Quotient™ has created python-based scripting to ease data manipulation, what we call our Quble methods.

4) Reports can be created in Quotient™ through a drag-and-drop user interface with Quotient’s Report Builder. The Report Builder module can retrieve only the latest data or an entire history with specified frequency like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

5) Quotient’s Screener module can be used to create universes with a drag-and-drop user interface. These screens are used in the Report Builder to define the reporting universe.

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