Finally, a solution for Quants designed by Quants.

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We are an enterprise solution for “Quants” that gives them a unique view into their world, along with more control and greater flexibility.

We sell to financial institutions who need to rapidly analyze large amounts of data and provide recommended quantitative results.

We do this by partnering and integrating with some of the largest data providers.

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Implementing SFS will provide your firm with huge economic benefits:

  • Improve Research team effectiveness

    • Users share a common research platform
    • Promotes collaboration
    • Reduces single man risk
    • Makes transparency and standardization of formulas easy
  • Spend less time developing your quant research architecture and more time developing your quant models

    • Built for Quants by Quants with a track record of building the platforms to be successful
    • End-to-End Research WorkflowDefine calculated data items
    • Build Screens and multi-level models
    • Extensively Backtest and Forecast using advanced machine leaning techinques to enhance alpha
    • Includes many factor examples and tutorials to get users working quickly
  • Effectively use vendor and internal data sources

    • Newly acquired data sources can be quickly integrated and ready for use
    • Vendor and platform agnostic data sourcing allows seamless integration into modelsSupports SQL, cloud sources such as Snowflake, CSV files, Excel and more
    • Data standardized for currency, fx and corporate actions
    • Data presented in an organized and self-documented manner
    • Supports Point-In-Time data sources for improved predictive power

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Scientific Financial Systems raises its first round of funding

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