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Rocket Science making way for Rocket Artistry

Spending time amongst Quants, dubbed by Investopedia as “The Rocket Scientists of Wall Street,” has been a fascinating experience for me.  Quants’ skills are formidable, their pedigrees impressive - they speak in technical languages I

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Is there better Quant support somewhere?

Investment “quants” ushered in a decade of disruption to the approach to market behavior assessment. This seismic shift in investment management was the focus of the bestselling book: “The Quants” by Scott Patterson. If the top users of

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DATA: Interacting with, and analyzing it...

When the movie Minority Report  came out in 2002, I was working as a VP in the Quant group at Fidelity Investments. Among all the high-tech gadgets introduced in the movie, what stood out to me the most was ease in which Tom Cruise’s character

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Hello Quants? Innovation Calling

Quant funds have had a rough go of things lately. Investing in the era of the pandemic has renewed talk of “paradigm shifts” and “new normals”. It is worth asking the question: Can historically-steeped, factor-based quant

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The Machine + Person Approach

In 2020 and 2021 quant funds have had a tough time of it, as algorithms struggled to navigate the whipsaw conditions created by the pandemic and has managers revisiting the Person + Machine question. The pandemic has led to significant dispersion of

SFS: Scientific Financial Systems raises its first round of funding

Scientific Financial Systems (SFS) has closed its first round of funding to accelerate the growth of its next generation product Quotient.

Quant and Finance

Quant techniques are becoming the industry mainstay

As founder of Scientific Financial Systems I monitor the market quite closely. It is important to match our product development plan to changes in evolving industry. From day one we have built are business around the belief that quant techniques will