SFS’ Quble: The Next-Gen Python Library Simplifying Financial Time-Series Computations at Scale

Aug 15, 2023 | Flagship Product

Scientific Financial Systems’ flagship product Quotient™
provides an advanced analytical engine that simplifies data manipulation, factor building, backtesting, portfolio construction, and much more. Under the covers, SFS’s Quble technology powers Quotient’s financial algorithms

Quble is a revolutionary Python-based engine meticulously designed for quantitative finance analysis. Quble’s prowess is partially achieved by running natively atop Snowflake’s innovative Snowpark platform. Quble extends Snowpark’s functionality to create a highly scalable and performant financial data analytics infrastructure, where calculations are collocated with the data on which they are operating. For Quotient users, this means that operations across massive datasets are easy to define, run, view the results and share.

In the dynamic world of financial research, accurate and rapid data analysis is crucial. The Quble engine answers this need by offering hundreds of powerful finance-focused data manipulation and time-series calculation methods. From hedge fund managers to financial data scientists, Quble makes Quotient the platform that can simplify the workflow of every quantitative finance professional.

Highlights of Quble include:

• In-Platform Computations: No more shuffling data between platforms. With Quble, computations occur directly on Snowflake’s Snowpark, ensuring seamless data handling, efficient processing, and faster results.
• Time-Series Mastery: Quble offers an extensive array of methods, optimized for financial time-series analysis. Quble simply, yet transparently, handles deep histories, merging data across security identifiers, translating currencies, and adjusting periodicities. For all those tedious and repetitive housekeeping tasks, Quble has got you covered.
• Scalability and Performance: Backed by the robust architecture of Snowflake’s Snowpark, Quble effortlessly scales to handle huge financial datasets without compromising on performance.
• User-Friendly: Designed with both novices and experts in mind, Quble simplifies accessing data and building factors. Analysis can leverage Quble to turn complex quantitative finance challenges into intuitive Pythonic methods from directly within the Quotient platform or by using our new external API Python library.

“Our primary goal in creating the Quble engine was to merge the power of Snowflake’s Snowpark with the flexibility of Python, offering financial analysts a tool that accelerates their ability to go from thesis to approved model without compromising creativity, flexibility, or control.”  –Founder and CTO Pete Millington.

In Summary, Quble is the next frontier in quantitative finance analysis tools. Designed by a dedicated team of financial analysts, data scientists, and engineers, it combines the versatility of Python with the unparalleled scalability of Snowflake’s Snowpark. Quble is more than just a library; it’s the future of efficient, in-depth financial analysis. And it’s the engine that powers Quotient.

For more information on Quotient, Quble and our integration with Snowflake, please contact us at [email protected].

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