Quant techniques are becoming the industry mainstay

Mar 19, 2021 | News

As founder of Scientific Financial Systems I monitor the market quite closely. It is important to match our product development plan to changes in evolving industry. From day one we have built are business around the belief that quant techniques will become the prime factor in trading decisions.

Recently I came across this interesting article that confirmed our mission here and our product / market fit. The article explains how quantitative techniques are now a mainstay and a requirement in the asset management industry. It is an interesting and compelling read, and the conclusion of the article captures the reason why our Quotient product is so desperately needed in the marketplace:

“The machines are here. Now, we will see whether the individual fund firms can crunch the data with their quant models to deliver the outperformance their investors want.”

Investment firms have a choice: embrace quantitative techniques or perish. Columnist Robin Wigglesworth of the Financial Times recently wrote the following about quantitative strategies:

“They’re ignored, they intensify, until they become undeniable. We have little doubt the same will prove true for the algorithmic revolution in asset management.”

As mentioned in here, quantitative AUM is approaching the $1 trillion mark. This unstoppable trend will continue to accelerate. Portfolio managers need quant models to help them process, assimilate and harness the vast troves of information thrown at them every minute of every day. At Scientific Financial Systems we have built the next-generation of technology to power the next leg of quantitative growth.

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