SFS AND Refinitiv: Spend more time on research and developing models with read-to-use data and Python-based factor construction. No SQL coding required

Aug 30, 2022 | Blogs Series

SFS is excited to announce that it has partnered with Refinitiv, the global provider of financial market data and infrastructure. The integration of SFS’ flagship product Quotient™ with Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics (RQA) reduces data management time with seamless integration of financial data into Python and financial analytics modules.

Quants and data scientists spend a lot of time gathering, cleansing, and normalizing data from multiple sources before it can be used. The SFS and Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics (RQA) partnership solution reduces this “data wrangling” with direct access to an integrated and normalized database of ready to use financial data.

The RQA database has unrivaled history in terms of multi-asset securities pricing, company data and historical constituent lists – including the original point-in-time values for fundamentals, estimates, ESG and economics data. RQA integrates and delivers a huge range of data from leading vendors including Refinitiv, MSCI, Russell, S&P, Compustat, NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE and Axioma. (Coverage includes multi-asset pricing, short interest, estimates, fundamentals, ownership, company events, deals, ESG, macroeconomics, indices, and classifications.)

Quants and data scientists can access all this data via Quotient’s graphical user interface and Python-based toolset, significantly cutting down time spent on coding for the purposes of data management. In plainer words, SQL is no longer required to access RQA tables when accessed via Quotient.

SFS and Refinitiv customers will now be able to spend more time focusing on building models and solving problems and can retrieve Refinitiv data items in a non-coding drag and drop user interface. Customers will also benefit from flexible data integration tools, like Snowflake, to access any number of third party structured and unstructured datafeeds.

“We appreciate all the hard work that SFS has put into developing Quotient™,” said Juan Zamudio, Quant and Feeds Partnerships Manager, Refinitiv. “We believe that Quotient™ offers a nice suite of tools that complements Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics.”

Like with Refinitiv, SFS will continue to seek out partnerships that we think will produce the most value for Quotient customers.

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