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For Quantitative Researchers and Portfolio Managers, finding the right strategy is crucial. Quotient’s Backtester Module uses SFS’ Quble engine to simulate strategies with historical data, helping you reach alpha faster.

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Unleash the Power of Your Data with Quotient’s Backtester Module

Imagine having the power to test your investment theories against decades of market data with just a few clicks. Our Backtester Module not only provides you with in-depth insights but also allows you to refine and optimize your strategies with unparalleled precision. Whether you’re looking to explore new factors, adjust rebalancing frequencies, or visualize the impact of different market conditions, Quotient’s Backtester Module equips you with the tools to turn data into actionable intelligence. Don’t just follow the market – understand it, predict it, and stay ahead of it with the comprehensive capabilities of our Backtester Module.

Why Choose Quotient’s Backtester Module?

Key Features:

  • Review Historical Data: Access extensive corporate and market data, including Point-In-Time data.
  • Assess Factors: Choose from over 300 pre-built factors or create your own with the Factor Builder.
  • Select a Universe: Use predefined or custom analysis universes through the intuitive Screener.
  • Assess Performance: Evaluate model effectiveness using returns, information ratios, and draw-downs.
  • Explore Visualization: Analyze clear visualizations of factor performance and efficacy.

Advanced Customization:

  • Variable rebalancing frequencies
  • Alpha signal delays and staggering
  • Seasonal studies or specific date ranges
  • Multi-factor and cross-correlation analysis

Quotient’s Backtester Module automates data management and time-series operations, allowing you to focus on idea generation and uncovering unique market insights.

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Stay tuned for our next demo, where we'll explore non-numeric alpha classifications and multi-factor backtest studies!

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