Data Integration

  • Diverse data sources

    Asset managers increasingly rely on data from diverse sources that needs to be linked, aligned, and integrated into investment processes.

  • Built-in data feeds & integration

    Quotient™ provides built-in integration with data feeds from Refinitiv (QA Direct), Bloomberg, and S&P Market Intelligence across a common security master. Quotient™ also provides out-of-the-box support for widely-used datasets, including market data, fundamentals, estimates, economics, common index families as well as pre-built factor libraries. Quotient™ offers flexible data integration tools to tie-in custom or external content from a number of data stores, including SQL & Snowflake databases.

  • Instant access, no coding required

    Quotient™ offers instant access to comprehensive financial data sources with no coding required. Quotient™ provides the ability to combine different timeseries data sets without having to handle normalization to common currencies, frequencies, etc. Quotient’s vendor integration supports value-added categorical navigation, content searches and in-line content documentation.